Calliope.21 Twin


A quite unique loudspeakers

CALLIOPE, a carefully thought-out electro-acoustic design combined with fine cabinetwork.
The new CALLIOPE 21 Twin employs different technologies, resulting in ultra-realistic soundstage, natural and lively reproduction with fantastic realism and sensitivity! The speakers are designed to be neutral and coherent throughout the audible range of frequencies. The finer details in all the frequencies are conveyed by means of newly designed anti-MDI design, a new Twin concept, providing optimal precision and coherency of emission. In addition, the drivers are now fixed at the front with a metal ring, inside the cabinets, to ensure optimal vibration control and precise reproduction of the audio signal. Bass and midrange response can be tuned easily by adjusting the new rear port. Two adjustable tweeters are used, which is dedicated to the high end of the audible spectrum, and further enhances the atmosphere as well as the naturalness of the reproduction.
The CALLIOPE 21 Twin succeeds in providing an exceptionally dynamic and natural sound not only with jazz and classical music but also with more modern music.


Options :
- Signature version
- Grandis Signature version

- ground connector
- bi-wire
- speaker cables connected directly from the drivers to the amplifier without terminals