Social & environmental responsibility


Ocellia believes that good working conditions and the protection of the outside environment is a prerequisite for doing excellent products.

The Ocellia code of conduct sets out the requirements expected of suppliers regarding social, working conditions and the outside environment.

Ocellia is also obligated to strive continuously towards minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, but our ambition doesnīt stop there. We also want the products we make to be free from hazardous substances and we donīt want the wood in loudspeakers or other products, come from areas where forests are being devastated.


We use resources wisely


At Ocellia, we shall always strive to minimise any possible effects to the environment, which may result as a consequence of our actions.

Three cornerstones of Ocellia environmental work :

• Cost consciousness and resource efficiency. We use fewer raw materials and create less waste and discharge.

• The extensive use of wood and natural components in our products, because there are recyclable, biodegradable and renewable.

• Training co-workers and engaging them in environmental issues.




Ocellia does not accept timber, veneer, plywood or layer glued wood from intact natural forests or from forests with a clearly defined high conservation value. Our long-term goal is to source all wood in the Ocellia range from verified and well-managed forests. Wood is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, so it’s a good material from an environmental point of view, provided that it originates from well-managed forests.