Ocellia Kedros Speaker



I will shortly describe my experience with the "only store available speakers" I could be happy with. My hot roded Tannoy Westminster Royals are not sold in American. In other words, this is the first store buyable speaker I have recommended in five years. Not everyone is ready for what I am about to reveal. This eccentric French speaker is also the favorite speaker of Jean Paul Satre, Simon de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Andre Gide, Andres Malraux, Edith Piaf, Django Rheinhardt; all of whom, are enjoying it in Frog Heaven.

Consider this: If we compare the French soul to America's soul…We, The Guardians of the World's Democracy and inventors of the 39 cent hamburger, come up with "The Frogs are NOT normal".

The French are the masters of taste, ambiguities, subtle beauty, existential paradoxes, the weight of fate, free floating anxiety, betrayal and all things worth putting in the human mouth. The French are artists at suffering for art..and this makes them an alien (1) nation, (2) mind and (3)soul…… for Americans. This is a good thing because this is another audio journalism scoop for me, who, I remind you, has introduced you to more glorious exotic forms of audio art than any other brain damaged audio writer who wears a kilt and tube hat.

My interest in the French soul began in high school when Existentialism, the philosophy, was as cool as being "beat" and "hip". This meant that I had to be "cool" on the French Masters, like… Camus who died in his Facel Vega car doing battle with a tree at 100 MPH…how perfectly absurd.

Once again, when I entered the fashion business, after college, I faced the French Phalanx…French Taste was Taste in Fashion…and I had to spend a great deal of time in Paris…researching…smelling and snooping…eating…partying…..listening and watching…absorbing the French Groove.

That is why I can claim that this speaker represents a classic of French art, in the same way that Bridget Bardot, is a classic work of art. This speaker is a completely unique design that has emerged from the coalescence of two very eccentric minds. Two French audio masters are at work here, though I believe the work of designing and building this eccentric dual concentric driver is worthy of the French Legion of Honor. This is an eccentric speaker in the same way the Citroen and the Facel Vega (two of my favorite cars) are eccentric. I believe this speaker could only emerge from the French cultural tradition…and it is brilliant, in the way Rodin is brilliant, or Django is brilliant…or the way that a great French champagne is brilliant…I mean…..shines with beauty.

I have never encountered such a radical departure in speaker design that is so "classically" successful. The ultimate paradox is that the musicmaniacs who will appreciate it the most are the Japanese, because too few American men have reached a refined state of music connoisseurship…except….. you of course.

A great deal of a French guts went into this speaker's gourmet recipe, and again, what I am writing about is a speaker that has no crossover….and for the one man in America who revolts against passive crossovers, I am extremely excited about the results achieved. This is the only speaker that wont benefit from an active tube crossover.

When set up properly, played with extremely high quality input, and powered with extremely refined single-ended amplifiers, these speakers will produce an aural matrix that is so foreign and mysteriously beautiful that you too will be convinced that you are encountering a higher alien form of musical intelligence…and you are. These speakers do not sound like any "normal" speakers you have ever encountered at your local hi fi emporium…on purpose…thank God.


Since I started, as THE CONCENTRIC CRUSADER, to preach the unique virtues of dual concentric speakers (speakers which have their tweeter right in the center of the their woofer) nine years ago, more and more have joined the cult, mostly by buying classical Tannoys from the 1950-1970s. The new Tannoy Alcomax driver does not appear in any speakers that Tannoy brings into America, and is only available in Japan. Sunlight Engineering only sells drivers, which means you have to build your own very big and heavy cabinets for them. This means, again, that this is the only "Triode Guild Grade A" dual concentric speaker that you can buy in a store….no construction, no tweaking…just spending time figuring out what amplifiers work best, and then putting down ten thousand smackeroons on the counter.

I have been comparing this $10K speaker to a highly modified $35K speaker, and I am impressed, so ride on.

Because you are smarter than "normal" I shan't spend one second in talking about neutrality because I have never heard it. All speakers are idiosyncratic, (NOTE: I am an authority on Quad speakers which probably get more praise from "normal" writers for their neutrality than any other speaker, yet for me, they are speakers with a very strong and distinct personality…and not neutral at all..what ever that means).

Trust me, something happens to our brain chemistry from the alchemy of alnico magnets and DHTs, and I discovered this in Japan in 1984, and it never left me…I was permanently imprinted. This combination is a favorite Japanese addiction, so be warned….these speakers are potentially addictive, in the same way the Tannoy horns are….they are so good at what they do right, none of their flaws matter, in perspective….if you are into the unique aural matrix mystery created by the best directly heated triode amps.

French artistic confidence prevails: this is a narrowly focused speaker, and that is why it is so good at what it does. This is what it does: It has a simultaneous multiple orgasms with under ten watt amplifiers of the single-ended kind. There is no other speaker available in America that will mate as well with these amplifiers, other than the cultish Lowther which you must build. Or, think of the experience listening to this speaker this way…it is like getting a big juicy French kiss in your ear.

If you are a "normal" pentode push/pull/low efficiency ferrite magnet/multi-driver/ system, when you hear these speakers, properly demonstrated, you will be very confused….it is like discovering a new form of sex. Why? Why? And, "Why you ask?" Because NO ONE in America has ever heard the glory of DHT SET amps, because there has not been ONE speaker, until now, that will properly demonstrate their musical powers….in stores. Want to argue with me? I dare you. Before you make a fool of yourself buy a copy of Stereo Sound, the Japanese audio magazine, and check out all of the alnico magnet speakers for sale. No argument with the Guildmeister possible. Do you get my drift? Even if you can't afford the smackeroons, figure out how to con your local dealer into letting you bring your DHT SET amps to his store for some multi-orgasmic sex with these speakers. (HINT: You can get an audio dealer to do anything if you will wear two gold Rolex Oyster Perpetuals on one hand). Be prepared for the biggest shock of your audio life, and all that I am repeating is the Japanese wisdom that I discovered almost twenty years ago.

There is a business logic here for every store, in America, which sells any brand of DHT SET amplifiers to have at least one pair of these speakers on display. I can think of no other speaker which will demonstrate the unique virtues of these low powered amplifiers better…even if we are talking about entry level products.


The common experience for me, even when I am listening to the most expensive multi-way speaker system; speaker systems that have separated tweeter, midrange and woofers, in some kind of alignment on the face of the speaker cabinets…I always hear three separate speakers speaking. Once you lock into the unique wholistic/integrated aural wholosity of these rare alnico dual concentrics, by comparison, all other configuration, even the most refined, sounds very artificial and discombobulated. If you have never lived with this rare type of driver, then you don't have a clue about what I am talking about, so don't feel bad. It would be understandable that you would NOT notice the aural matrix price we always pay when we use the "normal" combo of arrayed drivers….until you have your first experience with alnico concentrics…then you are a goner.

Yet, there is always a price we pay for our love of this unique wholistic alnico dual concentric aural matrix…the flaws are obvious, but totally "ignore-able". This is rare gourmet spread with a deep rich flavor and aroma, and few have ever tasted it.

Let's review what I consider to be legitimate speaker choices for the triode connoisseur: (1) The Tannoy Westminster Royals: too unrealistic for an American store, and are not available here, and they need serious hot rodding, including new crossovers. (2) Classic Audio Reproduction, which are also not available in any store, is making excellent speakers with TAD alnico drivers, and while these speakers are superb, they lack one secret ingredient…dual concentricity which is the key to aural wholosity…we must have the tweeter in the center of the woofer. Both of these speakers are above 97 db efficient.

This $10,000 speaker is a bargain compared to other $10,000 speakers I recently heard, and I believe it is superior to the Tannoy Churchill's which cost about $5K more, ARE available in stores, but do not have alnico magnets.

What about the Avante Garde Horns? Many of you have asked my opinion. There is a good reason why so many are impressed by this speaker…it is the first time they have ever heard how musically alive horns are relative to box speakers. But I am now going on the record with my critical evaluation: I hear three distinctly different speakers, and this creates a very confusing aural matrix for me. I hear that each of the different drivers/horns has a very different resonant frequency/"throat" coloration, that all horn speakers have. When I read that other reviewers do not hear this coloration I want to know what they are ingesting. All horns have horn colorations, which is the price all horn lovers pay for what they do right. While this speaker is a beautiful design, three important ingredient is missing: (1) horns must have alnico magnets because this is an absolute imperative to getting tone right. I notice that magnet quality is not mentioned in the Avante Garde promo pieces. (2) I can hear that the drivers are NOT in good time alignment, and they are not adjustable. (3) They do not have tunable crossovers. But the most important overall general experience is that there are three speakers doing their own thing and the integration leaves much to be desired……which is why the expression…"It takes a lifetime to tune a horn" speaks the truth.

My tweak for the Avante Garde would be to mount them on new type of stands that are much heavier, adjustable and more rigid, permitting the user to optimally time align them in their room. External and tunable crossovers is also an imperative in all high performance loudspeakers. . But once again…this speaker doesn't have the type of wholosity that can only be created with this rare type of dual concentric driver.

Why did I spend so much time being critical of these speakers? Because I believe that this French speaker, in the long run, while less dramatic, is more musically satisfying, and that means aurally wholisitic.

In closing this section, I want to admit how shamed I feel that NOT one American speaker company has yet to create a speaker of comparable refinement to this one made by Frogs in Europe. Wake up America the beaudacious speaker gap is growing wider, and we are falling far behind.

So now that I have given you an aural woody…I've tweaked your imagination and your higher intellect, I promised you an insight into the only store available speakers I would choose if I had to give up my Tannoy horns…..and that is the first time I have said that in the history of my recent audio journalism… put on your frog brain, and let's start hopping.

Because I am so inspired by these French works of art, I have approached my review from a very French point of view, so get out a fine bottle of 1995 Chateau Grand Corbin from your wine cellar, nip the end off of your Ashton cigar, slip on your silk kimono, and tango into the potty for an exciting trip to an exotic aural matrix……this is my way of honoring the men who had the courage and passion to create this speaker…..


I am beginning to feel like Jonathan Scull, because I want to keep this tres simple.. One Frog Savant, Bernard Salabert, created a very eccentric driver, and another Frog savant, Samuel Furon, created an equally eccentric cabinet. God Blessed them, and they toiled many hours and a miracle happened: a synergy of eccentricities has created the type of rare aural matrix that is completely new to America….and it is the best alchemy I know for musical bliss.

The speaker cabinet feels like a musical instrument, like a guitar. You will note in the name of the company that manufactures this speaker the word "Lutherie", which indicates that they associate their art with the ancient art of making stringed instruments…and they are right on. The walls are very light and resonant. It is beautiful blonde wood, and the speaker is so light, for its size, that I can easily move it around. This is exactly the opposite of my personal philosophy, but Salabert/Furon is a smashing combo…like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire…I think women will love this speaker, and it will look stunning in your listening room.




This will be very painful for many of you:

It is not enough that we know about different cams shafts for our Hawgs. It is not enough that we know the subtle differences in flavor of the various Cuban Cigars. It is not enough that we care about the subtle variation of vintage wines, and it is not enough that we care so much about the subtle differences in tubes…no we must keep on pushing the stone up the mountain….magnetic quality matters…and I have been writing more about audio iron: transformers, plate chokes, grid chokes…and speaker iron…speaker iron…speaker magnet quality matters….and one phrase gets me very stiff…….ALNICO

When you say the magic words "16 ohm alnico" to me, I know that you know what I know, which is what more and more men know....the importance of magnet quality in speakers. Here again I can not find one American company, other than Alon, who is even the right magnet ballpark. As far as I know there are now FIVE companies making alnico magnet speakers: Lowther, TAD, Sunlight, Tannoy and PHY of France. They are the new boy on the block and Bernard Salabert is putting a new twist on the classic formula. Again, we discover the aesthetically most sophisticated, the artist with a mature ego, has no problem with exploring the great classics, and is not impressed by complexity

These drivers are hand made works of art, and appear to have the same type of Alcomax magnet that the Tannoy Westminster driver uses, but they are very different. The PHY 12 inch driver are not used with any crossovers. They operate full range, which means that operate from about 40 Hz up to around 8 kilohertz, where the tweeter which also uses no crossover cuts in at about 8 kilohertz. BOTH DRIVERS OPERATE IN PARALLEL FROM ONE AMPLIFIER. Salabert has invented a new piezo super tweeter, and it is mounted coaxially, which very cool. It should be noted that the Tannoy their drivers crossover at between 1k and 1.3K, and this is conventional wisdom. The Sunlight drivers crossover at between 600-800 HZ.

A twelve inch driver operating all the way up to 8 kilohertz is strange indeed, because most Americans would use such a driver size ( with typical magnets) up to about 600 HZ, so what gives? If you have a very large magnet, and if you abhor the colorations and choking effect of passive crossovers, this is a legitimate route. Yes, there is a price to pay at the upper upper midrange, but it is a lower price than using a passive this case. Please remember that this driver has an enormous alnico magnet.

How well does the piezo tweeter blend with the woofer? After four days of breaking in, superbly well. This combo does not blend as well as my Tannoy driver, but we are talking about a $25K price difference, but it has exactly the same type of aural wholosity you would hear with the Tannoys. And the degree of wholosity is dependent on the type of amplifier and output tubes used.

I auditioned these speakers with many different brands of 300Bs, 2A3s, PX25, AV8s…in my custom 4th Wave Modality SET amplifiers using Plitron 5K output transformers, and a bevy of tube regulated power supplies. This pair of 3-8 watt amplifiers, if put on a scale would weigh over four hundred pounds, which means I have used true edge of the art amplifiers to fathom just how good or bad these speakers are.

Pardon my ego inflation but I believe that I am the only American audio writer who uses true edge of the art DHT SET amplifiers for evaluating speakers as a comparison standard for all commercial, and necessarily compromised amplifiers. Can you imagine any store selling a five watt pair of mono amps weighing 400 pounds?

Want a sales pitch? At the rate of tube amplifier development in America it will be decades before amplifiers catch up with these Frog speakers.


Samuel Furon has created a rare work of speaker cabinet art. This is the first implementation of this "light" concept that works….I have heard other attempts over the last thirty years….all dismal failures. It is very difficult to create a speaker cabinet that has the "right voice" and is light. This blonde wood babe is alive and beautiful. As you know I come from the ‘ SPEAKER SHOULD WEIGH AS MUCH AS TANK SCHOOL", but there is another school that believes that a light weight speaker cabinet, which has a voice sympathetic to the driver, is a better compromise. I have heard this technique used with dismal results in some Audio Note speakers, but I am glad to report that, in this case, the implementation is brilliant…if you understand its limitations. At a certain point when you really crank up these speakers…it is amazing how loud they will play with only five watts….you cross a threshold and the cabinets "speak" too loud. On the other hand at "normal" listening levels there is a delicacy to the harmonics and clarity in the sound field that I can directly attribute to the lack of energy storage in a normal heavy speaker box. This matters a great deal to DHT maniacs, because space/time/harmonic magic is more lucid, under most listening conditions. If there is ever a doubt in your mind on how negative feedback screws up the space/time continuum in music, just use these speakers.

And I know you bass fisherman want to know about my bass forecast, so before I answer, let me, with a tired heart, remind you for the one millionth time that most audio writers are not even in the ballpark when they talk about this subject: bass response of any speaker is very (1) room, (2) output transformer design, especially in single-ended amplifiers, and (3) power supply, dependent, which means you better have good power supply regulation, or you will be blaming your speakers for poor amplifier design. I used Plitron torroid output transformers, tube regulated power supplies, and…. I am always ready to give up lots of bass for midrange tonal righteousness because BASS CAN KILL THE MIDRANGE HARMONIC WHOLOSITY.

I am glad to report that this TUNABLE cabinet, which let's you adjust the size of the rear port slot, of its three sided port slots, so you can achieve the right bass balance, produces reasonable bass response for me. If this cabinet produced more bass, especially because it is so light and clear, would mean a sacrifice of its midrange magic. Let me say that another way…do not expect to get the type of bass from this speaker that you get in speakers that have one driver designed for 200 Hz and down. Let me say this another way…make this driver produce more bass response and you will sacrifice its ultimate harmonic/midrange magic, and that would be a heinous crime.

I don't know if I would recommend a subwoofer for this speaker to achieve better bass, because most of these bottom octave speakers are, in my opinion, not designed properly: subwoofers should be designed to be mounted on a stand which positions them half way between your ceiling and floor. Please don't email me asking for subwoofer recommendation, unless you first send me a two hundred page report on who you think I should marry next.


I remember that I read about it in an audio magazine, but I don't remember which one, but the logic was so awesome it completely virused my mind….thirty years ago…and it is still active….the virus infected me in the form of the ancient wisdom of active crossovers which eliminate the passive speaker crossovers. Because I have slight brain damage I can't remember all of the active crossovers I have owned over the last thirty years but let me try: Marantz, Audio Research, Crown, de Coursey, Shure, Bozak, Pioneer Series 7, Lux, and Marchand…because once you have taken the brakes off your drivers, you can never go back…

For thirty years I have been on this very "non-normal" path of conventional wisdom, ignored by most Americans. I have even commented that I believe that the real fascination with the Lowthers is hearing NOT crossovers for the first time. The Lowther cult is part of this new community of music maniacs that want more musical nakedness, because they want to experience the naked splendor of the Goddess of Direct Heated Triode Pleasure which is choked by passive crossovers.

Fashions change….I am ranting about using an electronic crossover/no passive crossover, and the Lowther cult is building in power, and I discover that the two French artists are surfing on this new wave of musical nakedness…and as you know when it comes to expressing nakedness in art, the French are masters.

Save me the trouble of repeating this one hundred times…..NO PASSIVE CROSSOVER is a core artistic impulse in this speaker, and many of the compromises made are to take advantage of this huge advantage…and the gourmet chef has been successful here in blending the right ingredients, compromises, and eliminating the evil of passive crossovers.

What is the bad news? You will start hearing "stuff" in your system you never heard before…and it is MORE, and you will probably not like much of what you hear because much "audio grunge" was masked. On the other hand, this speaker when used with the highest quality electronics are fabulous fun, and I demonstrated, to my friend Steve Sullivan, what happens when I change brands and types of tubes…a completely new aural matrix is created. This is the ultimate test for a speaker's quality…it should reveal instantly changes in capacitors, resistors, tubes and wire, and this speaker does that in spades.

This is important to emphasize from another point of view: when auditioning this speaker, if you are not impressed, then blame it on the electronics. And, again, I have a serious question if any American made SET DHT amplifiers are refined enough for these speakers. I would definitely audition Berning 300B ZOTL with these speakers.

A warning: be sure your amplifier uses tube rectifiers.


Do not confuse this tweeter with the ubiquitous disco fever piezo tweeter that can be used for cutting glass and making captured prisoners tell military secrets. This is a completely different animal, and it is very good at what it does.

The blending of this tweeter with the woofer is accomplished fairly successful. If you want to maximize the seamless transition you must be very careful what tubes you choose. This is especially important with CDs which carry heavy grunge baggage at high frequencies….. and this tweeter can be merciless. Often times a "softer" tube like the PX25, or a 300B with limited bandwidth, like the Western Electric, was more pleasant with many CDs.

I keep on returning to the issue of output transformer quality, which is quite mediocre in America store bought amplifiers, because you need truly state of the art electronics to experience the full aural matrix potential of these speakers. Want the best quality music juice? Use the best quality OPTs.


I only listened to these speaker for one week, which is not really fair, because my experience is that to get to a speakers "sweet" spot you need a month of use, so all that I can see is be sure when you audition these speakers that they have been used, because if they are young, they will sound somewhat rough.


I am in the middle of a massive cable re-thinking so I can't get you a full evaluation of the cables supplied with these speakers which are designed by Salabert, except to say I like them very much, and they sound much better with this speaker than my Alpha-Core silvers…I think, but you will have to wait for my full evaluation.

What I am detecting now is the profound effect that the cable dielectric has on the personality of the cable. These copper cable use cotton/silk insulation which is right. The speaker cables are also a pain in the ass they are so stiff.

Be sure to audition these speakers with the Salabert cables because there is a definite synergy here, as there should be.


FIRST: AUDIO DESIGNERS. These are the only available "test" grade loudspeakers for two good reasons…(1) they are ideal electrically/magnetically for tube amplifiers and use no crossovers. Want to hear the sound quality difference in resistors….the sound of just one tiny resistor, is obvious. I know I changed one to test the speakers. Want to hear the dramatically different aural matrix created by different brands of tubes, circuits or topologies? Want to hear the gigantic difference in power supply design…really fast? (2) Want to make sure you eliminate the single biggest impediment to deep amplifier analysis…the passive crossovers? I am asserting that to experience the complete package of single-ended benefits this speaker is required. Multi-drive, ferrite magnet speakers with passive crossovers are normal, and I say without regrets…crude sounding….even the most expensive, compared to these speakers. And this is exactly what the tube audio designer needs, the ability to experience the ultimate nakedness of his circuit.

SECOND: DHT MUSIC CONNOISSEURS: If you have finally arrived at some plateau of peace electronically and believe you have superb inputs and high quality DHT SET with high quality output transformers, you will get musically higher that you ever thought imaginable…because this is the first time in America you can walk into a store and hear the essence of DHT SET beauty. I have said hundreds of times,: you haven't got a clue just how good your objet d'art is, until you have experienced it with the proper speakers, and this the first proper speaker available in America. Listening to it for the first time will be like…being Lewis and Clark…and exploring new American territory….it will be new territory for your soul and leave you scratching your butt wondering how you could miss so much for so long…and not even know what you had?

That is the human dilemma that Frogs have the courage to explore. Shall I say that in another way that has the opportunity of more visceral authentic contact with you: think of what you are listening to now as masturbation….it feels great, and you wish you could do it all day long…that is how good it feels….but somewhere, in your male soul, you know there is a higher more erotic place, and though you have never experienced it, you just know…and you have heard rumors from the elders….and then one day you have an initiation ceremony…you hear a 16 ohm alnico dual concentric speakers…….and it is just like the first time you shagged. I know that will be hard for you to believe. Trust me and remember I am the Great Master Debater of the audio industry, so I should know.

NOTE: Dennis Pawlik, the extremely refined Frog importer of these Frog speakers objected to my analogy to masturbation, which is a very handy meta-reference to use in this case. My point here is that we men tend to forget that music is fundamental a physical and erotic experience, and when a great speaker is encountered our body responds in exactly the same way as meeting a great French babe…only better. I love women, and nothing compares to them, except in their ability to create a magic aural matrix…everything has its limitations..especially me)

Will you buy? Can you afford it? I don't know and I don't care…just listen to these , and then send me a box of Godiva Chocolates.

THIRD: MUSIC MANIACS WHO ARE DESPERATE TO BE VERY COOL. As you know there are many very insecure or restless audiophiles who are use big expensive speakers as power totems to help them establish their position in the tribal hierarchy. People who suffer with this form of sociopathetic behavior will do anything for power, including wearing a kilt and a stupid looking tube hat. The man who is musically demented, and has no way of controlling the music monster within…must be on the edge….this is the speaker for the musically insane. This is the speaker that you have sex with, talk to, write email to, and most importantly this is the best 'KICK THE SAND IN THE FACE OF MY AUDIO BROS BECAUSE I GOT IT RIGHT AND THEY DON’T. Men are very competitive when it comes to coolosity, and this speaker is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Lots of audio egos could get murdered, so I have suggested that Dennis Pawlik insist that potential customers undergo psychological testing before shipment.

If you fit into any of these category proceed. I do not suggest this speaker for those who use high feedback, pentode push/pull amplifiers. These speakers will reveal the character of these amplifiers in a way that "normal" speaker can't and you will not like what you hear. The audio arts is all about the synergy of components, which is why I suggest this is the femme fatale of the SET crowd.


This speaker deserves an award for righteousness in a world of pretenders. I wish it were designed and produced in America and not by two French savant, who I am jealous of.

I hope that the Salabert drivers are exploited in other types of cabinets including a horn cabinet like the Tannoy. We also need small bookshelf type speakers with these drivers.

Be an existentialist: If you love DHT SETs you have NO choice. You must experience, just once in your life, the thrill of a dual concentric high impedance/high efficiency alnico magnet speaker. Be warned…life will be different after this experience. This is the only speaker which will do the job right, and I hope every tube amplifier designer, speaker designer and music maniac hear this speaker…it will help the revolution.

Email this article to your local hi-fi emporium and convince them to get a pair in for demo and then get on your Vespa with your amps, and discover a truth that was right under your nose, and you never knew before. Be sure to wear your gold Rolex watches. It is the only way to get an audio dealers instant respect.

It is tragic that Salabert and Furon do not speak English because these two audio artist would have a dramatic effect on American music maniacs if they would articulate their eccentric views about music reproduction directly to America. Here is another example of the Internet potential that is not being fully exploited. Both of these companies need an English Language web site. (Note: Dennis tells me that one is in the works). No let me say that is a more accurate way…slowly but surely the walls separate us from the master of the audio arts in other cultures… are crumbling…and we are discovering that we have lots to learn from our Frog bros' from across the sea…when they reach out to us.

Dennis Pawlik, the importer of this line of speakers is also a Frog of enormous refinement, and is importing some of the finest French audio arts, and I have written a separate interview of him, which will be educational if you love Frogs legs and fine wine.

This is an important work of audio art. I wonder of how many of you will have the courage to experience it, and discover what you don't know about your DHT SET amps…

Dr. Gizmo.



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