Calliope, art of sound.

The new Ocellia loudspeakers symbolise high quality and innovation at the service of music. They represent what we produce best today as far as acoustic loudspeaker design and choice of their components are concerned.

They offer a unique listening experience, reaching summits in terms of both musical quality and exemplary craftsmanship!

Discover the new Calliope v4 range.

Grandis Calliope Signature : this range is the result of 10 years of research & development into side panel vibration behaviour and the calculation of a new acoustic load. This long work of fine-tuning, associated with exceptional quality anti-MDI drivers and components , like , have enabled us to create loudspeakers that are unique in the world...

Calliope : it makes it possible to discover the exceptional qualities of Ocellia loudspeakers at a smaller size and a more affordable price, while preserving the same quality of design and manufacture.