Quaero, l'art du son.

We are pleased to present the Quaero valve electronics developed by a great talented electronics engineer who join the Ocellia team, they emerge from the same excellent thinking that created our products. The Quaero electronics, of an exceptional sound quality, represent today the very best available for your musical system.


Valve electronics are all the same ?


To push back the boundaries of what's possible today, the Quaero electronics represents a radical departure from the currently accepted valve electronic design philosophies, in which all areas of design requirements have been thoroughly reinvestigated with a new approach.

The Quaero electronics are the fruit of five years of development, a painstaking process of listening and fine-tuning. The result of this research is a range of ellectronics, unique in its ability to deliver natural and lively reproduction with fantastic levels of realism and sensitivity !


A revolutionary discovery !


Each Quaero electronic device, the strict conception of which is based on a revolutionary discovery called , contains original circuits, numerous proprietary parts & wires, a chassis structure and custom components, allowing freedom from certain audible phenomena, responsible for significant losses in musicality.