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2011 TAVES - Coverage II

Richard H. Mak

Room: Parklane – Zu Audio, Ocellia, Kubala Sosna, Rossner & Sohn

I probably spent more time in the Parklane room than any other room at TAVES. The room is jointly hosted by Samuel Furon (designer and owner of Ocellia), and Robert Neil of Worldwide Wholesale (distributor of Zu Audio, Volent  Speaker and Kubala-Sosna Cables). Why did I stay that long? If for no other reasons, the Ocellia room caused a bit of controversy at the last two shows in Montreal. Some people loved the Ocellia speakers, while some others did not care for them at all. I wanted to hear for myself if things would be different this time around, especially with Zu speakers.

I belong to the camp who respect Ocellia for what it stands for because it makes a product which has a strong personality and character. Samuel has stood by his principles regardless of the market’s reception. Samuel Furon emphasised to me that people who buy into the Ocellia name truly understand its character and its personality. In other words, Samuel will continue to make Ocellia the way he thinks they should be made and  he does not give a rat’s rear end to what the distractors think. I actually think this is a good thing.

Ocellia looks distinctly original and elegant with their white chassis and wooden control knobs, separating itself from the plethora of CNC’d aluminum chassis out in the market. I love it so much that I may buy Ocellia products based on looks alone.


Previously I had heard Ocellia twice at the Montreal show where they were paired up with Ocilla's speakers on both occasions. At TAVES, Samuel paired up Ocellia's single ended Quaero Monoblocks  ($ 9000 ea.) with the Zu Oman Definition speakers ($ 3,500 pr). The turntable was the Rossner & Sohn KLM-15 with a Jelco arm, combined with a Yamamoto wooden headshell and  an Ocellia Quaero Phono Stage ($ 9,000 signature version). Cables were all Kubala Sosna’s Emotion line in its entirely (Interconnects $ 3000/m, Speaker cables $ 3000/m, Power Cords $ 1100/m, all in Canadian dollars).

I spent a good 20 minutes listening to various tunes, including Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata performed by Ashkenazy in its entirety. The presentation was not forceful or forward, the lower notes did not have the transient attacks which I was accustomed to. But taken as a whole, I liked the sound of the system. It is unique and distinctive, and this gave Ocellia an identity unlike anything else in the market.

I would love to try out each of the components in my own system should the opportunity arise.