29 MARCH 2010

Salon Son & Image 2010 Coverage - 3/3

Ironically, the very last room that I visited also turned out to be my favorite at the show. I spent well over an hour in the L'Atelier-Audio room listening to great music and chatting with Samuel Furon about their wonderful hand built audio products.


Shown in the photo above Ocellia Calliope.30 Twin Signature speakers ($TBD), Ocellia Quaero 300B - PP Signature monoblock amps and Ocellia Quaero Pre-Amplifier Signature. All the L'Atelier-Audio loudspeakers use high sensitivity drivers from PHY-HP and no filters are used.


The beautiful hand-built cabinets have a door on the rear which allows adjustment of the open baffle speakers. The photos below show the smaller Ocellia Calliope.21 Signature speakers.

item3 item4

The side walls of the enclosure are only 3 mm thick and braced much like an acoustic guitar. The Ocellia Calliope.30 Twin Signature speakers were fantastic with vocals and strings and I really enjoyed listening to them.

The show and Montreal were great and I'm sure I'll be back soon.

Cheers, Gio