I am a happy owner of your products and I wanted to contact You in order to thank You for making such exellent products!

I purchased Ocellia Grandis Calliope.30 speakers last fall and they totally changed my world! I think I will never have to by another speakers again, unless You make something even more special :)

I live in finland, and there are not many people who own ocellias yet, but I`m tying to spread the word!

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your products. They produce music, the way i never imagined could even be possible, and they also are so beatufil in design!

Here are few pictures of my listening room at the moment, hoping to fill it with more Ocellia products in the future!

I really respect what You are doing.

I also like to build things, and my project now is to make my own turntable. I have one ready, and the other one under construction. There are few pictures of that too.

I have also built all the acoustic elements in my listening room myself.

I wish You all the best, and am looking forward to your next new product.

Sincerely yours, Roman Nikolaev, Finland