Ocellia audio system

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Filed Under: SSI 2011
By: Art Dudley • Posted: Apr 06, 2011


The first time I heard a PHY driver was in an enclosure designed and made by Ocellia Audio, 15-odd years ago. During the years since then, Ocellia head Samuel Furon has continued to refine his complex, intentionally thin-walled designs, and the line has expanded to include some new models. The latest of these is the Calliope.21 Signature ($14,000 as shown, with configurations of this model starting at $9900), which was demonstrated at SSI with an Ocellia Quero integrated amp ($14,000), prototype Ocellia Quero phono preamp (price TBD), and a vintage Platine Verdier turntable with EMT 997 tonearm and Ocellia-modified Denon 103 cartridge. Samuel Furon also has a line of handmade Ocellia cables, the design of which is intended to counter the effects of “interface micro-discharge,” a distortive phenomenon first described in a paper by Pierre Johannet of the EDF (French Electricity Board).