You hear a violin,
All you see are loudspeakers,
You've just experienced Ocellia.

As opposed to all other current loudspeaker manufacturers,
Ocellia bases its research on rigid and light wall cabinets,
a daring but rewarding decision. The current trend of
suppressing parasitic vibration by adding massive
amounts of damping material and increasingly thicker walls
dampens vibrations, but you lose musicality in doing so.
Samuel Furon of Ocellia does create new unique rigid and light wall
loudspeakers. Much like musical instruments the Ocellia’s are lively,
musical and harmonious. After all, music is what it’s all about.

A musical…

Where the simplest of ideas
prove the hardest to achieve.

Conceiving of, and manufacturing rigid & light wall speaker
cabinets meant harmonizing each assembly detail.
Dimensions, thickness, types of wood, joints and varnish
are all elements that influence the final result
and have been meticulously balanced out..

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