To engineer and produce the Ocellia range, we put
together a team of skilled musical craftsmen including
an acoustician, an instrument maker and a cabinetmaker.
Ocellia loudspeakers are the fruit of 10 years of development,
a painstaking process of listening and fine-tuning. The result of
this research is a range of loudspeakers with a new acoustic load,
unique in its ability to deliver natural and lively reproduction with
levels of realism and sensitivity that might almost make you forget
the performers are not actually there! The ultra-rigid structure is
composed of lengths of solid wood assembled by dovetails and adhesion.

Naked Sound,
Courtesy of
Mother Nature

The proprietary panels are of spruce, the same wood used for making violin soundboards. Due to the ingenious assembly of the panel structure, each
individual area is allowed to vibrate independently and is fitted with a system
of stiffeners to control resonance – thus guaranteeing the complete neutrality
of the cabinet. The extraordinary build and finish of the cabinets reflects the
traditional violin-making techniques employed, and involves exactly the same
natural materials and varnishes. The Ocellias, built using the most noble of
materials and in respect of the environment, reflect Ocellia’s philosophy that
listening to music should be a natural and truly "resonating" experience.

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